Keeping an eye on your children with Smart Shield System

Keeping an eye on your children with Smart Shield Systems Children are no doubt every parents first priority. Keeping them safe is what we all strive for, that is why using an advanced technical home security system is the right choice for your family. Leaving your children unsupervised and unmonitored can be risky. You never [...]


Small Business Security Systems – What You Need to Know

Business security systems are just important to small businesses as they are to large organizations. Assets, data, and inventory are just some of the valuable things you have to protect. Small business owners sometimes consider investing in a security system as overdoing it. They feel that only large, complex operations need the tools in place [...]


The California Castle Doctrine Explained

What would happen if someone forced their way into your home? When there’s no time to stop and “ask Alexa” about your local home defense laws, it’s helpful to already have some knowledge about the California Castle Doctrine in mind. Once the alarm is triggered and you have seconds to act, it’s too late to [...]