A smart home automation system adds comfort, convenience, and peace of mind to any home. 

There is no doubt that we live in an era of rapidly developing technology. In less than twenty years, we switched from being dependant on corded phones for most of our communication to carrying intelligent computers in our pockets that can perform many communication functions at once.

Smartphone development exploded in the 2000s, and the development of smart homes emerged in the 2010s as the next step of humankind’s technological progress.


Electronic devices, appliances, or systems connected into a shared network that can be controlled independently and remotely fall into a category of smart home technology. 

The term ‘connected home’ also refers to your home technology that works together in one system. Your locks, appliances, security cameras, lights, thermostat, audio speakers, and TVs can all be connected to a common system. The ‘connected home’ can be controlled and operated through a mobile touch screen device from your smartphone.

This kind of high-tech functionality and luxury wasn’t possible in the past, but you can tap into these new possibilities with smart home automation. The main goal of consumer home automation is to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. With the continued expansion of technology development, the possibilities for making your home smarter are endless.


Some people still think of smart home automation as a nifty way for some homeowners to stay updated with the latest fantastic technology. Others consider it an opportunity for homeowners to show off. If you still think like that, read on. Below we have outlined some practical advantages to home automation. 

How do you feel about managing all of your home devices from one place?

Smart home automation is convenient. An undisputably massive step forward for home automation and technology overall is the ability to keep all of the devices in your home connected through one interface. Sometimes all you have to do is get comfortable with using one application on your phone, and countless functions and devices throughout your home will be available to you remotely at any time, controlled with a touch of a button. Many new and elderly users appreciate the absence of a steep learning curve and easy access to the features you desire for your home. 

Automation offers flexibility for new devices and appliances.

Smart home systems are designed to accommodate new appliances, devices, and technology. As time goes by, your new state-of-the-art appliances will become dated since new, more impressive models will emerge and develop, so it is nice to be able to incorporate them into your existing smart home system seamlessly. Your job as a homeowner becomes a lot easier since you will keep upgrading your lifestyle with the latest technology without replacing the whole system. Both your indoor and outdoor spaces will become playgrounds for discovering and testing new technology and new gadgets to add to your suite of fun smart devices. 

They are maximizing home security.

Your home security can skyrocket when you integrate smart cameras and other security and surveillance features into your smart home network. The options are unlimited, and an average connected home explores only a dozen of them. There are automated door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and other tangible security measures that can be connected through your home automation systems. That will allow you to enable them from your phone before going to sleep or putting them on a timer. Your phone can receive security alerts allowing you to monitor your home in real-time regardless of whether you are walking your dog, working at the office, or taking a vacation in another country. 

Remote control of home functions. 

Some people underestimate the power of controlling your home’s functions from a distance, but that’s before they try it. Imagine ordering your house to become cooler on a scorching day, so it is nice and comfortable before you get home from work. Are you still at the store but in a hurry to get dinner started? Comand your oven to start the preheat cycle while you’re on your way back. The scenarios are endless because you can see who is at your front door, check if you left the lights on, or make sure you turned off all your appliances while you’re away.

Smart systems increase energy efficiency. 

Energy efficiency is a hot topic in San Diego, and you can leverage smart-home technology to make your space more energy-efficient. Smart connected devices like a programmable thermostat can assist you in having more precise control over heating and cooling. A smart programmable thermostat suggests the best energy-efficient settings throughout the day based on the facts it memorizes about your temperature preferences and your schedule. When you enter or exit the room, your lights can turn on and off automatically. The motorized shades can be set up to close and switch into an evening mode as the sun sets. With smart home automation, you never have to worry about wasting energy.

Smart home automation improves appliance functionality.

Connecting your appliances and other home systems with smart automation technology can also help get more out of your devices. For example, you can manage your movie and music collection and entertain your guests better with an intelligently designed audio system and home theater. Are you worried about overcooking or undercooking a meal? Your smart connected oven will assist you with cooking your food to perfection. You can locate more suitable apps and channels with your favorite programming with a smart TV. Your home life can become much more enjoyable and ultimately easier to manage with automation technology!

Home management insights.

Smart devices keep logs and provide reporting. They can give you the ability to get insights into how your home operates. It becomes possible to analyze the kind of meals you cook in your oven and the type of foods you keep in your refrigerator. The information will include your energy consumption habits over time. You can monitor how much TV you watch and what you watch on TV. These insights will let you analyze your daily habits and behaviors. This knowledge may fuel you to act and make adjustments to ensure you live the lifestyle you desire.


Besides all of the above, there’s another advantage to smart homes. It is all about how smart home technology will evolve in the upcoming years.

The world’s most prominent innovators and technology companies entered the race to create top-notch systems fuelled by consumer interest. As a result, we are seeing better smart technology being designed continuously to match the needs of our digital world. 

It is exciting to imagine what home automation can do for you, but it is even more worth it to experience it for yourself. Interested in discovering how to upgrade your home and exploring smart home technology options for your house, your family, or your business, then give us a call at (844) 432-0018, or click here to get in touch!

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