Are you looking for the perfect security system for your home this holiday season? At Smart Shield Systems, we offer top-of-the-line security products to ensure that your home is safe during all hours. Keep reading this blog to find out the 5 Ways a Security System Makes Your Home Safer During the Holidays!

1. Protects Your Packages & Package Returns

Protect all of your holiday gifts this year when you use our Smart Shield security system. Connect any of your devices to your home’s internet so that you can control your home’s lights, fixtures, doors, appliances, and more. Now you can lock your door or turn your lights off from your phone anywhere at any time. Your phone or tablet will also update you and send you alerts if there seems to be any sign that someone is trying to get into your home or take packages from your property.

2. Protects Your Home from Fire Hazards

Whether you’re cooking a holiday meal in the kitchen or lighting a fire near your tree, ensure that you’re always protected with safety features, like smoke detectors or other alarms. If you’re looking to make your home a safer place, reach out to our Smart Shield Systems professionals.

3. Ensures You Don’t Get Locked Out

Forgot your phone or car keys inside? That’s not an issue when you have smart locks. Pin lock pads are incredibly beneficial for your home since you can quickly get in with a specific code and won’t ever need a house key. You can also customize codes for friends or family members so they can quickly get into your home if needed!

4. Keeps Utility Costs Down

If your security system is linked to your thermostat, easily adjust the temperature settings from your mobile phone, even if you’re not home. Say you’re on vacation and forgot to turn off the heat. Don’t stress! Easily turn it down or off with our Smart Shield security system mobile access features. This can keep your utility costs down since you can turn off areas of your home with the click of a button on your phone or tablet!

5. Prevents Property Break-Ins & Monitors Your Home

People often will walk by the front of your house if you live on a busy sidewalk or in a residential area. However, this becomes an issue once someone lingers around your home for too long. While it can simply be a neighbor trying to receive a runaway pet or a lost ball, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A stranger in your yard or on your property for an extended period is usually not a great sign. Let your security system notify you of suspicious activity whenever someone or something gets too close to your property.

Why You Should Choose Smart Shield Systems!

Do you want to make your home safer this holiday season and new year? Then check out the 5 Ways a Security System Makes Your Home Safer During the Holidays! Our Smart Shield Systems home security products easily let you monitor your household and keep you and your family safe. When using Smart Shield services, you can connect your devices to your home’s internet so that you can even control different parts of your home, like the lights. Give us a call at (844) 432-0018, or click here to get in touch!



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