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reviews for smart shield systems
I had my security system installed a month ago by this guys, I took the basic security package that had a fire/smoke detector and the flood sensor included.
We went to visit family in Canada for Thanksgiving, while we were there, our pipe decided to explode in the kitchen, Smart Shield called us immediately to let us know that the flood sensor was triggered. We immediately called our next door neighbor and told him to close the main valve. And he got in the house and told us the bad news, luck let it, the damage was “only” $1115. The restoration company that came to fix this told us that if no one had closed the water we would of had a damage of 50-60k.
Thank you , Smart Shield.
Netzer Heimann
I have had the smart home feature installed in my house for two months now and it’s been wonderful! I have several cameras around the outside of my house, and also a doorbell camera, all that I can access from the app on my phone. Day and night I use the same app to change my home thermostat since my phone is always right next to me. There are so many features it’s crazy! I can talk to you straight from my doorbell camera and then unlock the front door for you all from my phone anywhere I’m at….It’s mind-blowing.
Caitlin Rodriguez
We had Smart Shield Systems install a security system at our home two months ago and we could not have been happier. We chose this company after many years of dealing with a large security company that provided a very basic plan, poor and untimely customer service, and a sense of not feeling secure. All that has changed since we transitioned to Smart Shield Systems. Their professionalism, exceptional customer service, state of the art equipment, and the AMAZING smart functionality have all made our home and life much safer!! We highly recommend this great company as the answer to your home security needs.
Haim Shemer
Love my new Smart Home! I never knew how many cool features there are these days. I did not get them all but I got the smart lock and the garage door for now! Not only can I control it from my phone, I get alerts if I left anything disarmed or unlocked. I am planning on getting a smart dimmer next to control my lights and would love the doorbell camera but that will have to wait.
Nirit Wigdor
I just got an alarm system from this company last week. Must say I LOVE it! I got a little more than what I anticipated for starters. I was in for a basic alarm system with the fire detector and carbon monoxide detector which I heard was a must from a friend of mine. Eventually I added the coolest doorbell camera in the world! It notifies me whenever there is motion outside of my door or anyone rings my doorbell, I can see them through the camera and speak with them. I told the UPS guy to leave the package closer to my door on a rainy day so it won’t get wet! How cool is that!
Natalie T.
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