Business security systems are just important to small businesses as they are to large organizations. Assets, data, and inventory are just some of the valuable things you have to protect. Small business owners sometimes consider investing in a security system as overdoing it. They feel that only large, complex operations need the tools in place to spot and/or deter theft.

If you own a small business, the right security system can do a lot more than you think. Small businesses stand to lose a lot without protection. In addition to break-ins while their business is closed; they can also be robbed during the day. This puts their assets and their employees in danger. Many people don’t think twice about putting a security system in their homes. They want to take every precaution to keep vandals and thieves away.

There’s a lot to lose if you fail to protect your business, too. You could lose profits due to shoplifting, fraud, and employee theft. These types of crimes cost businesses billions of dollars annually. Sometimes they go unnoticed until your annual inventory or audit rolls around. By then, you’ve lost even more without any way to know who is responsible.

With the right video monitoring system, you can see what your employees are doing. If they are slipping cash or products in their pockets, you have the evidence you need to bring the theft to a halt!

Security systems help deter crimes committed during the daytime or the night. Burglars and robbers know their chances of getting caught are much greater when their crime is caught on camera. The bottom line is that you stand to lose a great deal more without a security system. It’s well worth the investment. There are also lots of levels of business security systems, so you can get just the features you want and need. A security company that offers custom solutions makes it easier to fit security into your budget.

Which Security System Is Right for You?

Any business is vulnerable to robbery and theft, but some types of businesses are more likely to be robbed than others. Thieves often hit banks and jewelry stores for the high-value items they obtain. They expect to run into security systems in these businesses but are sometimes willing to take a greater chance of being caught in return for getting more cash or valuables for their efforts.

Robbers steal from businesses like restaurants, retail stores, and convenience stores for other reasons. There are fewer people around, quick access to money, or less likelihood of getting caught shoplifting. You should consider the setting of your business and the types of risks you’re up against when choosing a security system. You might even talk with local police to learn more about the types of crimes being committed in your neighborhood. Find out what MO any current thieves are using and ask for their recommendations. No one knows more about the crimes going on in your area than the local police.

Types of Business Security Systems

  1. Video Surveillance

Video monitoring is the basic security system that lets you view any area of your business whether you’re there or not. Video technology has come a long way from the grainy fixed cameras that only filmed limited areas. Modern video cameras let you monitor your business from any location at any time and record the images on your phone or computer.

Video monitoring is also a versatile choice. It lets you keep an eye on your customers, your employees, and even what’s going on in the parking lot. When someone’s actions lead to criminal charges or an insurance claim, you have the evidence you need to prove your case.

The cost of installing video cameras depends on the size of your business and the areas that you want to monitor. If you are a store with high-theft items, you want to cover the entire floor from every angle. If the main focus of concern is with the cash register, you can get adequate coverage for less. Another choice is to install pan/tilt cameras that give you different views from a single camera. Ask the security experts which options are right for your business.

  1. Intrusion Alarms

Catching intruders before they get inside your business will save you from loss and frustration. An alarm lets you and the authorities know when someone tries to break in or vandalize your business. It saves you from having to deal with a loss and the legal steps you have to take after the fact. Realizing that your business is equipped with an intrusion alarm will deter thieves and vandals who don’t want to risk getting caught in the act.

To get the best use from an alarm, it needs to fit the size and use of the business. Like many other security features offered today, many alarms can be connected to your smartphone. You can receive messages whenever someone or something activates the alarm. You even have the option to see inside your business in real-time whenever there’s a cause for concern.

  1. Computer Security System

Most of us are aware of the numerous security breaches happening today. Large banks, retail chains, payment processing companies, and credit card companies have all had data breaches to some degree.

Although your business might not operate on a large scale like these, the data you store is just as valuable. It’s also vulnerable to hackers who want to access it. Nearly every business of any size uses computers and the internet to obtain, share, and store data. Some experts recommend storing data in the cloud. That way, you won’t lose your data if your equipment is stolen.

It isn’t just your business that you need to protect. You probably know by now how it feels to receive a notice that your information has been hacked. Your customers or clients trust you to protect vital information including their social security numbers, phone numbers, banking and credit card information. A computer breach could lead to your having to notify them that you failed to protect them. It could also result in customer dissatisfaction that causes them to go somewhere else.

Don’t assume the small size of your business will keep it safe. Small businesses are increasingly being targeted by hackers. Fewer financial resources and a little-known brand are no longer enough to keep hackers at bay. The number one reason that small businesses are gaining in popularity is their lack of online security. Hackers know they can get inside easier.

Sometimes hackers are more interested in your customers’ information than anything else. Even if you sell a product that costs $19.95 once a month to a Fortune 500 company, their information could end up being worth a lot more to the hacker. A breach could end up costing your best customers a lot of money.

Losing your business data could mean big losses for you, too. It could result in a loss of productivity, inability to conduct business, and the loss of your customer base. A computer security system is vital to your overall security and it’s one of the most affordable ways you have to safeguard your business.

  1. Electronic Access Control Systems

Access controls let you decide ahead of time which employees have access to different areas of your business. Manage various levels of security and give access to sensitive or proprietary data only to those you want to have it. This feature is an integral feature of business security systems for businesses in specific industries and those with sensitive information. It could include a keypad entry for a storefront or an integrated system throughout the entire location.

  1. Smart Business Security System

More people are getting on-board with smart home security that they control with their smartphone. A smart business security system combines a variety of security features into a package to cover every area of concern.

Smart security is ideal for small-to-medium business of all kinds. Get video surveillance, intelligent intrusion detection, and access control in a cost-effective solution that’s right for you. In addition to protecting your business, a smart security system will also help you save energy and money. It’s like always being at your business, only better!

Your smart security system lets you connect your security alarm and video cameras, lights and locks, and more from your computer or smartphone. You always know what’s going on at the office; even when you are hundreds of miles away!

Traditional security alarms are often more of a hindrance than a help. A stray cat walking by your entrance could easily set off a false alarm. The real problem is that you can’t tell on your end whether it’s a mistake or the real thing. Leaving the job of turning on the alarm can be a gamble, too. What if they forgot to turn it on before they left to go home?

Smart business security systems take the doubt out of monitoring your business. You will receive notifications in real-time whenever there’s a security breach. You can stop worrying about false alarms. Go to special events without worrying that a false alarm is going to interrupt.

One of the biggest costs for any business is heating and cooling. A smart business system can help you save energy and keep more money for other things. If your employees start and end the day together, your business is probably empty for at least 14 hours each night. It may even be empty all weekend long!

Why should you pay to heat and cool your business when there’s no one there? Turning your thermostat down while you aren’t there could save you as much as 10% on your heating and cooling costs. You don’t even have to remember to turn the thermostat down. With the smart system, you can program the thermostat to decrease and then increase the temperature at the appropriate time. You also have the option to control the temperature setting remotely.

Smart security systems combine the features you need to watch your employees and customers. It helps you control energy costs while also maintaining a safe environment in the parking lot. Use access control to keep sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. Implement door sensors to let someone know when unexpected activity occurs. Improve visibility and make smarter decisions about everything going on inside your business.

A smart business security system will give you a different perspective on how well your business is running. You’ll see who comes into the facility after hours, which users disarmed the security system, and add visibility to out-of-the-way and/or dark places.

How Much Should I Spend?

There’s no single security solution that works for every business. The most important thing you should consider is what it takes to make your business really safe. Once you have an idea of what you need, you can shop from the different products available to get the best value.

When choosing a security company, reputation is key. You need someone who will answer your questions honestly and try to find the best solutions for you and your budget. Instead of focusing your research on the various types of business security systems available, spend some time checking out security companies near you. Find out what their previous customers have to say. Once you find a company with rave reviews and a variety of products and services to create your custom needs, it’s time to ask for a quote. Find out how well they are willing to work with you to get the right solution at a price you can afford.

Smart Shield Systems has the reputation and the products you need to keep your business secure. We have five-star ratings from both Yelp and Google, as well as a long list of five-star ratings from our satisfied customers. Contact Smart Shield Systems for more information or to request a free quote. We offer the best in smart home and lifestyle technology in the California region. We want to make security for your business accessible from anywhere and affordable.

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