Nothing compares to the feeling of coming home. It’s your safe place—which is why doing everything you can to protect it is essential. Your home is the sanctuary where you and your family can relax without worries. However, with break-ins on the rise, more and more families are feeling unsafe in their very homes. Fortunately, there’s an effective way of protecting your home from external factors, and it’s with a home security system. In today’s blog, we will be going over the top reasons why you need a home security system and how it can benefit you and your home.

Protect Your Home & Family from Intruders

One of the biggest reasons homeowners get home security systems is they offer protection against external factors and intruders. The mere presence of an alarm is many times enough to stop a burglar from breaking in. This comes to show that the mere presence of an alarm system is enough to protect your home from potential break-ins. In many cases, burglars enter a home without knowing that family members are still inside. Encountering people can cause the burglar to panic, which can easily facilitate aggressive behavior. However, having a security system in place provides family members with enough warning to get to a safe location while the alarm system alerts local authorities. 

Fire Prevention

The mention of home security makes people think about intrusions and robberies. However, these alarm systems do more than prevent break-ins. They also provide additional protection barriers for homeowners. While most homeowners rely on smoke alarms to warn of a fire outbreak, home security systems offer an early warning system. Monitored home alarms will not only warn you, the homeowner but will also point out the sources and contact the authorities. According to the US. Fire Administration, a small flame can turn into a full-fledged blown fire in just 30 seconds! In a simple matter of minutes, your home will be filled with thick black smoke, making it impossible for your family members to breathe. That’s why the best way to survive a fire is by preventing it altogether. A home security alarm system can help you take out the fire; if not, escape the home as soon as possible. 

House on fire

Protect Your Home From Odorless Gas

Another major reason why you need a home security system is because it protects you from invisible threats, such as odorless gas. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is both odorless and colorless. This gas is released from cars, heating systems, stoves, and burning wood, among other things. Since we can’t detect carbon monoxide in the air, people unknowingly breathe it in over time. In severe cases, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. However, with a home security system, your alarm will alert you of the presence of this gas as soon as it detects a high amount of it. 

Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

Owning a home means paying for homeowner’s insurance. While we all like how homeowner’s insurance can potentially cover our homes from damage and losses, no one really enjoys the paying aspect of it. However, did you know that if you have a home security system in place, your homeowner’s insurance premium will go down? That’s because your insurance provider will consider your home significantly less risky. 

Protect your Home with Smart Shield Systems

When you have a home security system in place, you can fully relax knowing that you’re doing everything you possibly can to safeguard your home from theft, vandalism, fires, gas outbreaks, and more. We hope this blog helps you see the top reasons why you need a home security system. If you’re looking for a reliable home security system to protect your family and home, give us a call at (855) 729-4407 or click here for a FREE quote! 

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