Have you ever heard the term “casing a house?” It’s basically used to describe a tactic that burglars use to select their next potential target. The majority of burglars won’t randomly choose a house to burglarize. At the very least, even the least experienced burglar will observe several homes for several hours before selecting the right target to break into. They watch the homeowners and look for patterns in order to determine the best way to enter the home. Burglary is a scary thing, which is why it’s important for us to be prepared for it—and if possible—identify it before it happens. In today’s blog, we will be going over signs a burglar is targeting your home and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

A Suspicious Car is Parked on the Street

If you notice a car you don’t recognize being parked in your neighborhood, it may be a red sign. According to the UNC, most burglars will use a car to get to the house. The car will be either the burglar’s own car, a family member’s car, or a stolen car. It’s pretty rare for a burglar to go on foot, which is why the sight of an unknown car is suspicious.

If you notice an unknown car in the street, you should check and see if anyone’s inside. Normally, if the car belongs to a neighbor’s friend/family member, you won’t see the person sitting in the car for long periods of time. If someone’s inside, chances are they’re up to no good. We recommend jotting down the license plate and reporting the suspicious vehicle to the police.

Strangers are Walking the Streets

There are many instances where burglars park down the street and walk to the neighborhood to find the best target. The suspect will walk casually, trying to appear like any other person strolling the streets. However, there will be two main differences:

  1. You don’t know the person
  2. The stranger will be looking at every house they walk past

Their eyes will be trailing the driveway, checking to see if there are cars in the driveway. Then they’ll look at the windows, checking to see if there is any movement in the house. If you notice a stranger looking very closely at houses in the neighborhood, it’s likely that you’ve caught a burglar looking for a good target.

Someone Leaves Flyers on a Few Doors

While most homeowners see flyers as pretty harmless, it could be a sign that a burglar is roaming the area in search of a good target. Flyers in the world of burglary serve as markers. First, they serve to indicate which homes have potential. Secondly, they serve to see who comes home the latest, if not, who’s not home at all. If you see a flyer on your door, take it off as soon as possible.

How do I prevent my home from becoming a target?

Install a Home Security System

It’s terrifying how burglars can be targeting your home for their next attack. However, burglars will always try to choose an easy target. If your home is not an easy target, you’re unlikely to have your home chosen. However, what can you do to become less of a target for burglars? The best thing you can do is install a home Security System. Most studies have shown that installing a home security system can be your best defense against intruders. In fact, a study done by the Idaho news station shows that burglars will nearly always run away once an alarm is set off. When an alarm starts hitting, burglars face a lot of risk by staying and attempting to complete the job. It will cause commotion and make all the neighbors check out the situation, risking the burglar being seen if he doesn’t leave immediately.

Thieves don’t look for the challenge. They always search for the easiest house to break into, grab the valuables, and leave asap. Luckily, a home with a home security system presents challenges and risks to thieves. As soon as the alarm hits, intruders know that the police are on their way. Because this is a major risk for them, it’s highly unlikely that they will target a home with a home security system installed. Why target a home with a home security system installed when they can target one without it?

Install a Home Security System with Smart Shield Systems

There’s no better action you can take than installing a good home security system to protect your home, family, and valuables. If you’re looking for a reliable home security system to protect your home from burglary, Smart Shield Systems is for you. Give us a call at (855) 729-4407, or click here for a FREE quote!

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