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A new business in San Diego provides smart home security systems to people in the area, with plans to expand throughout the States before too long. What makes Smart Shield Systems different is that their services provide much more than just ordinary burglar alarms. They can also help homeowners to save money on their energy bills, and, equally (or more!) exciting to many, the technology used enables customers to monitor and control certain features from their smartphone, tablet, or internet device.

Getting Started

Smart Shield Systems offers three foundational packages for homeowners to choose from. Home security is standard with each. To begin, an engineer assesses your home and recommends which equipment you should choose. Equipment can include monitors, sensors, and detectors, and the experts advise where in the home these should be placed. Once they are fitted, the homeowner downloads an app which allows them to arm and disarm their security system from any location; great news for anyone who leaves home in a rush in the morning, forgetting to set the home alarm.

Services to Suit Every Homeowner’s Needs

Additional services include the option to be able to turn small electrical appliances on and off remotely, or adjust the thermostat of the HVAC. So, if you get to work and realise you left the AC on, no problem. If you end up staying out late on a trip with the family and want to switch the lights on so it looks like someone is home, it can be done with a touch of the screen. There is also an option to lock and unlock doors remotely – so if the dog walker is popping by but he forgot his key, you can take care of it without a second’s worry.

Provided as standard are smoke and heat monitoring, and security monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A security system from Smart Shield Systems provides peace of mind for those with busy or hectic lives. Smart security with forward-thinking efficiency will protect your home from intruders and damage around the clock. Plus, the ability to set schedules means you don’t have to remember to set anything – it can all be taken care of for you by setting up a schedule in advance.

Smart Shield Systems has friendly, approachable staff on hand to talk to anyone who is thinking of installing or updating their home security. With the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, there will be no more ugly alarms, unsightly wires, and clumsy systems that get forgotten!

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