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Protecting the Residents of San Diego, CA

At Smart Shield Systems, we understand that the most important service we can offer to you is to protect the security and tranquility of your family and home. To us, this means more than just installing a home security system in your San Diego, CA home. We have been the leading home security company because we truly care about your wellbeing. At Smart Shield Systems, we are leaders among home security companies in San Diego, CA developing home automation systems that work in conjunction with our home security alarms. You can be certain that your home is constantly monitored and secure. We watch over your home 24 hours a day/365 days a year, no matter how far you may be from San Diego, CA. At all times we make sure your home is monitored and secured for a variety of disasters:

  • Burglary
  • Flooding
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Temperature
  • Medical Alerts

Reliable Home Security Systems with the Latest Technology Innovations

The Smart Shield Systems home security systems installed in San Diego, CA are more advanced and more effective than ever when paired with Alarm.com – our cutting edge home automation service. The Alarm.com home automation control smartphone app gives you full access to your security alarm and household functions from the palm of your hand, whether you’re in San Diego, CA or anywhere else your life takes you. You can easily manage your home security from the comfort of your smartphone. The smartphone app enables you to:

  • Arm and Disarm the System
  • Receive Security Alerts
  • Adjust Your Thermostat
  • Control Lighting and Appliances
  • Lock and Unlock Doors

Alarm.com home automation means you never have to worry about forgetting to turn off appliances, setting the alarm, or walking into a dark empty house, and the service is matched by Smart Shield Systems’s dedication to giving you the fastest response when your security alarm is triggered. One of the best parts is that all these home security services provided by Smart Shield Systems in San Diego, CA are affordable for every house, condo, apartment, or townhome owner. The peace of mind which Smart Shield Systems security systems provides, by ensuring your family and home are safe, is invaluable. We are proud to declare that our home security alarms, systems, and automation can provide peace of mind at a price you can afford.

Security Camera and Surveillance Systems in San Diego, CA

Keep an eye on your home, pets and loved ones with trust-worthy security cameras and surveillance systems. If your alarm is ever triggered, your Smart Shield Systems surveillance system will automatically start recording and notifications are pushed to your smartphone or tablet. All these investments provide reassurance and peace of mind. They can also assist greatly with discounts on your homeowners insurance.

San Diego Home Automation Services

It is easy to manage your security, lifestyle and home all from the palm of your hand with our home automation services. Our Alarm.com system is designed to help you control your living environment, whether you’re home or not. Keep your home safe and your family comfortable by easily adjusting the lighting, temperature and even your home security system. Learn more about Home Automation Solutions.

Smart Home Technology in San Diego

With this convenient technology you can easily maintain control of your home and improve your quality of life. This provides a simple solution for monitoring all aspects of your home, regardless of where life takes you, from safety (by seeing who is at your front door) to energy consumption. Smart home systems are great for all living situations whether you live in a house, condo, apartment or mobile home.

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