After a long day of dealing with stressful traffic and keeping up with work, a weight drops off our shoulders once we arrive home. Our home is the place where we feel safe and can fully relax. However, our home may not always be as safe as we think it to be. With home burglary on the rise, new statistics are showing startling facts about the increasing rate of burglaries and home crimes. Fortunately, we can improve our odds of foiling burglars with our selection of proven tips, including top-notch home security systems. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the latest burglary statistics for 2022 to help raise home security awareness and improve household safety.

1. 77% of all Crimes Committed are Specifically Property Crimes

There are two primary types of crimes: Violent and property crimes—violent crimes involve assaults, robberies, rapes, and murders. Property crimes have three subcategories, including theft, burglary, and vehicle theft. Data shows that property crime, even with all of its subcategories, is the most prevalent type of crime, with a total of 77% of all reported offenses falling into this group.

2. More than 10,000 Burglaries Happen in the U.S. every day

With the ever-changing figures in the number of burglaries that take place on a daily basis, the question is, how many break-ins happen per day? It’s not an easy question to answer, but the Bureau of Justice displays that the average number of burglaries that happen in the U.S. sum up to 3.7 million. With this info, on an average day, 10,137 burglaries can take place.

3. Over the Next 20 Years, it is projected that 75% of the homes in the U.S. will be Broken Into

Predictive analytics have shown that three out of four U.S. homes will be burglarized at some point within the next 20 years. No matter how safe your neighborhood is, the majority of homes are at risk of burglary. These statistics may come as a shock, but understanding these numbers is the first step toward preventing a burglary from occurring.

4. Just 13% of All Reported Burglaries are Cleared by the Police

In case you’re thinking that the bad guys that are breaking into your place and stealing your belongings will surely face justice, we’re sad to disappoint you. Only 13% of all reported burglaries lead to their arrest. Out of every ten people, only one will get caught.

5. An Average Break-In Lasts Between 8 – 10 Minutes

An average break-in will last between 8 – 10 minutes. The criminal will try to get the most they possibly can in a short amount of time. But if you have a security system in place, the alarm will scare the burglar to abort the invasion or for the authorities to arrive. The average time for a police officer to arrive at your house after the alarm starts is 8 – 10 minutes. The time aligns with the average time the break-in lasts.

Burglar intruding home

6. Cash is the Most Commonly Stolen Item

As expected, cash is the most common item stolen from homes. Burglars search for items that can be easily sold or traded, and with cash, it’s a piece of cake. But don’t feel safe if you don’t have any cash at hand. Burglars will be more than happy to take the following items as well:

  1. Electronics (smartphones, laptops)
  2. Gold
  3. Guns
  4. Jewelry (watches, earnings, necklaces, etc.)
  5. Medications
  6. Power Tools
  7. Cars

7. The Master Bedroom is the Most Common First Target

Once burglars break into the home, home burglary stats show that they’re most likely to break into the master bedroom. This is because this is the place in the house where people are more likely to keep valuables such as cash, jewelry, and weapons. The first place burglars look through are dressers, followed by closets and under the mattress. That’s why it’s important to have extra security measures in master bedrooms.

Protect Your Home with Smart Shield Systems

The threat of burglaries is huge, but we are not powerless when it comes to keeping our family and possession safe. With a home security system, you can immensely reduce the risk of an intruder trespassing and taking your belongings. Statistics show that 87% of burglaries are preventable, even the most basic home security system. At Smart Shield Systems, we offer homeowners and businesses alike the latest and best in security systems. Let us help you create a safe and smart future with a system that suits your needs! Give us a call at (855) 729-4407 or click here for a FREE quote!

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