If you’re looking for home security systems, you’ve probably researched several individual products. Some manufacturers of these products make it seem like home security is simple and that their products can replace a complete home security system. However, a professionally installed, complete home security system is the best way to keep your family and home safe and secure; you want to avoid going the DIY route. You should always choose a complete home security system over a DIY system. With your family, home, and belongings at risk, a substitute system is not adequate.

A quality security provider, like Smart Shield Systems, can help you develop a complete home security system that meets your needs, protects your family no matter what, and is installed properly. Learn more about how a DIY security system can leave you, your family, your home, and your valuables vulnerable and why choosing a complete home security system is the better choice.

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) Motion Detectors

PIR motion detectors sound an alarm if someone enters a protected area, and some people will try to install them themselves. But, a professional installer knows that burglars use methods to avoid motion detectors, like walking slowly, staying outside of the detector’s coverage area, or trying to overcome the heat detection of the PIR sensor. The key to 100% motion detection, 100% of the time, is through a careful understanding of square footage, coverage angle patterns, detector locations, and the type of detector appropriate for every area. You only get this level of coverage from a complete home security system.

Door and Window Sensors 

Door and window sensors protect the weakest points of your home but should not be the primary way you monitor and arm your property. Many off-the-shelf sensors use outdated technology and often trigger false alarms. Many burglars know how to disarm sensors and prevent alarms from going off. Select a company that uses the latest security technology, which makes sensors resistant to disarming.

Security Cameras

Camera surveillance is one of the best ways to monitor activity and provide visual proof to police if needed. However, cameras with poor resolution or without night vision are useless. Typically, the inexpensive security cameras used in DIY security systems are fraught with vulnerabilities. They tend to be less reliable because they often encounter problems with streaming and lack proper security coding, which leaves a digital window that allows outsiders to spy on your family.

A Complete Home Security System 

Choose a professional security company that provides security equipment with backup communication options, integrated camera surveillance, and wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – this is the home protection that DIY security systems can’t offer. A complete home security system also gives you features that are not possible with a DIY security system. Remotely monitoring your home gives you peace of mind, especially if your children are home alone. You can remotely arm your system if you forget to activate it before you leave, and a text message or phone call is automatically sent to you when your security system has been breached. You can also control your lights, locks, appliances, thermostats, garage, and more from anywhere.

Install a Complete Home System with Smart Shield Systems

No one wants to believe it will happen to them, but all homes are at risk of theft or intrusion. A complete home security system will protect against these concerns and ensure your family, home, and possessions are safe, so always choose a complete home system over a DIY system. At Smart Shield Systems, we have the experience, innovation, and customer service to provide a system that effectively keeps your home secure. Call us at (855) 729-4407, or click here to request a FREE quote today!

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